Friday, March 6, 2015

Monkey Shine Stars Finished Quilt

I didn't really intend for this to end up being "secret sewing" project, but it ended up that way this time around. I had this quilt all planned out and then realized that I needed to get it done a lot sooner than I had originally expected! (The baby shower is literally today.)

At both of my jobs, I have a co-worker having a baby boy in April. I decided that I would make similar quilts using fabric bundles I had on hand just to make things easier.

I managed to get all of the blocks made on the last time that I had a snow day. I was able to get the whole thing sashed together that week as well. I took zero in progress pictures because I was all like OMG MUST MAKE AND FINISH FAST!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a preview of the quilt a few days ago when I posted this picture after I got the quilting done on Sunday when I was snowed in:

And here's the whole quilt -- finished and bound! I actually hand stitched the binding to the back yesterday because we had another snow day. I haven't done one in a while and it was quite relaxing!

I love this sock money fabric so much. I bought two fat quarter bundles in the "boy" colorway and two in the "girl" colorway. Basically every baby quilt I make for a long while is going to be this fabric.

For the quilting, I used light blue thread because the fabrics had both white and a light tan, so white thread and off white thread looked funny against the fabrics. You can't hardly tell it's blue unless you look close, but I'm very happy with it.

I did a larger bubbly meander for this one and had only a few thread issues which was a miracle! And there are zero puckers on the back. Small miracles!

I bound it with a piece of brown on brown fabric that was the backing on another quilt (I forget which). My original intention was to turn one of the fat quarters into bias binding, but even though this quilt is 40 inches square, a fat quarter isn't big enough. Things you learn!

The backing is brown snuggle flannel. I love the way that flannel makes a baby quilt so much more cuddly and soft. I also love how easy it is to FMQ with a flannel baking.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming tutorial on how to use any 12 inch blocks to make a 40" baby quilt so that you don't have to piece the backing!

Like I mentioned above, the baby shower is actually today so I'm glad I got it finished up in time!

Linking up with Finish it up Friday and Free Motion Mavericks!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

QCQAL 2: Row #1 -- Weathervane

Welcome to the FIRST tutorial for our second Quilter's Choice Quilt Along!

This week we have our first of two 12" block rows and this week we are making Weathervane blocks. This block won by a mile in our poll! You can click here to go to Craftsy to download the directions! You can also vote now for the 8" block rows!

This block is a classic. It can be found in the Farmer's Wife quilt, but more modern versions have taken it and added new life and fun to it. I've made my blocks (and subsequently, this tutorial) based off a three color version of this block that is similar to a more "traditional" Weathervane block. Click here to see a great tutorial for a more modern Weathervane.

For a throw quilt, you will need to make a total of four (4) blocks.

For a twin quilt, you will need to make a total of six (6) blocks. 

I am making a twin sized quilt so I decided to make three blocks each in two different sets of fabric. and alternate them in the row. Darling!

The cutting diagram below shows how to cut for one (1) block. This way, if you want to do one block at a time (or make a scrappy block) you can easily cut one block at a time. The directions below the diagram list the total number of pieces for a throw quilt and then for a twin sized quilt.

For one block:

For a throw, you will need a total of:
Four (4) 4.5 inch squares for center squares
Sixteen (16) 4.5 inch squares for side squares
Sixteen (16) 2.5 inch squares
Sixteen (16) 3 inch squares (for HSTs)
Sixteen (16) 3 inch background squares (for HSTs)
Forty eight (48) 2.5 inch background squares

For a twin, you will need a total of:
Six (6) 4.5" squares for center squares
Twenty four (24) 4.5 inch squares for side squares
Twenty four (24) 2.5 inch squares
Twenty four (24) 3 inch squares (for HSTs)
Twenty four (24) 3 inch background squares (for HSTs)
Seventy two (72) 2.5 inch background squares

Draw diagonal lines on each of your 3 inch background squares. Pair with 3 inch focus fabric squares and sew on each side of the diagonal line. Cut apart along diagonal line, and press. Trim each square to 2.5 inches. You will need eight (8) HSTs per block.

Lay out corner units as shown below and sew together like a four patch using your HSTs, focus fabric 2.5 inch squares, and 2.5 inch background squares. Make sure your HSTs are oriented correctly! You will need four (4) of these units per block.

Using your remaining 2.5 inch squares to sew two stitch and flip corners on each of your 4.5 inch squares that will go along the sides of your block. Align each 2.5 inch square with the corner of the larger square and sew along the diagonal. Trim off the excess fabric 1/4 inch from the seam and press. Repeat on one adjacent corner. You will need four (4) of these units per block.

Lay out each of your blocks as shown below and sew together for your final block!

Here are my six blocks before I sewed them into a row:

Alrighty folks, you have two weeks to make either four or six blocks before the next row comes out! In two weeks, we will have our link-up for both rows 1 and 2. Until then, you can click here to vote for your choice of which 8 inch blocks we'll be making in April!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stitching here and there...

I promise I have been sewing -- I have been bad at documenting and sharing!

I finished my Stash Bee block for Sara:

I think I got the background for my March wall hanging done about two or three weeks ago (oye!) and I spent Sunday evening watching Bar Rescue and The Walking Dead while tracing, ironing, cutting, and ironing some more. Now all of the parts are in place and I am ready to satin stitch until my eyeballs fall out.

The background is WILD and I LOVE IT. Every other square is a large scale teal and green floral print on white with gold foil accents. It says "hello, spring!" to me. I'm planning to do all of the outlining for this one in black to help it to stand out from the background. I'll probably do all of the quilting in white for this one.

Linking up in the usual places --  Linky TuesdayA Quilting Life for Scraps Monday on Tuesday, and WIP Wednesday!

Don't forget that NEXT MONDAY is the first tutorial for the Quilter's Choice QAL row quilt! You can still vote here for your block choice!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

QCQAL #2 -- Fabric Pull Link Up!

Hello lovely QCQAL participants!

Today is our first real post for this year's QCQAL! I am so excited to make row quilts!

If you have not already, please head over to our Craftsy page and download the FREE information about yardage requirements AND how to pre-cut your sashing strips from your background fabric so you will not have to piece them! 

Today is also the opening of the FIRST of our polls for our blocks! Click here to vote for your choices for what TWO 12 inch blocks we'll make for our rows. You can vote for up to TWO blocks. We are excited to see what you guys choose! The block choices this time are:

Today is also the first link up for everyone to show off what fabrics they are planning to use!

I'm planning to use the Wallflowers line by Allison Harris!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Finished Firewheel Stash Bee 2014 Quilt

This quilt has actually been finished for a few weeks, but unlike some quilts, as soon as it was finished it has taken up residence on the couch as a new cuddle quilt.

These blocks came from participating in the Stash Bee in 2014. I chose a block called "Firewheel" from the Quilter's Cache and modified the pattern a bit to use fast flying geese and stitch and flip corners. My original tutorial is here on the Stash Bee blog.

Click here for some of the in-progress posts! I seriously did NOT do a good job of chronicling this one! SO SAD!

Here's the lovely finish!

I actually brought the quilt with me to work today and took pictures before I even went in the building so that I wouldn't forget! I finally got some good picture taking light!

This quilt was quilted with a "puffy cloud" pantograph and I bound it with the same yellow fabric that I used for the cornerstones.

I am so in love with all of the different shades of yellow and grey in this quilt! One of the blocks has a flower for a center (you can see it along the left side in this picture -- I just love it! Some of the blocks are scrappy and some of them are more controlled and they all play so nicely together!

The backing is a multi-grey scribbly circle print. I have zero idea what it is called (my mom picked it out for me!) but I am very glad that I didn't end up going any darker for the backing either.

And of course, MAJOR SHOUTOUTS to all of the lovely ladies that made this quilt happen:

I'll be posting this post over on the Stash Bee blog so that everyone knows that this quilt is finally finished! And linking up at Finish it up Friday! :)
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